UConn men's hockey's non-conference schedule set

The Huskies play a slate of familiar opponents this season, but have a bigger series on the horizon.

Photo: Ian Bethune

UConn men’s hockey’s 2024-25 non-conference schedule is set. The Huskies will play 10 games — four of which will come in tournaments and eight of which are against opponents from the last two seasons.

The staple on UConn’s slate is the Connecticut Ice Tournament during the last weekend in January. If the event continues with the same rotation of teams in the first round, the Huskies will open against Quinnipiac. Sacred Heart is expected to host at the new Matire Family Arena unless UConn coach Mike Cavanaugh gets his way and it stays at the XL Center.

The Huskies will head west after Christmas for the Kwik Trip Holiday Face-Off in Milwaukee. The rest of the field includes Wisconsin, Alaska-Fairbanks and Ferris State, though the matchups have not yet been announced. UConn was supposed to play in this tournament back in 2020 but the Covid pandemic canceled all non-conference games.

The rest of the schedule includes two series and two one-off contests.

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