Bracketology: CT Ice blues

The third time was not the charm for the Huskies over Quinnipiac in the CT Ice final.

Photo: Ian Bethune

On March 28, the NCAA Tournament will kick off with Regionals in Maryland Heights, Missouri; Providence, Rhode Island; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Springfield, Massachusetts. Two brackets will begin March 28, while the remaining pair start the following day. Two weeks from then, St. Paul, Minnesota will host the Frozen Four on April 11 and 13.

UConn is now at No. 25 in the PairWise and is the 10th team out of the tournament. The Huskies, now at 11-12-2 (6-8-1 Hockey East), had a 3-1 lead in the second period against No. 7 Quinnipiac in the CT Ice Final on Saturday night, but allowed three unanswered goals and finished second in the event for the third straight year. Had they held on, the Huskies would be at No. 19 in PairWise as the fifth team out.

UConn, if it can string some wins together, still has a chance to make the field. Providence is on tap this weekend, which stands at No. 10 in PairWise, for a home-and-home series. A sweep pushes the Huskies up to No. 17 in a vacuum, without considering other results. This would likely be the third team out based on automatic bids.

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